New release - Defend action, terrain for cover, new abilities and monsters. 


- ‘pass turn’ button is now ‘DEFEND’.  Character skips a turn and takes a slow penalty, but temporarily gets a significant defence boost.

- added COVER.  (when in rocks and bones).  creatures get significant missile defence and burst damage protection bonuses while in cover. 

- creatures are designated, SMALL, MEDIUM or HUGE:  HUGE creatures dont get bonuses for cover.  SMALL creatures get extra bonus!

- gave some (mostly smaller) creatures a DASH ability: imp, web shooter, giant sewer rat, wolf, phoenix, vampire bat, bat, spawn, crazed minion, hell hound , vampire

- you can DASH into and out of terrain, but you can’t DASH through terrain (unless you can fly)

- tweaked random attack/defend calculation.

- added some new creatures to replace a couple that were boring/redundant.  (removed worker ant and giant rat.  added stoneshell and ironhide)

- Added UI information improvements.

- modified the way experience is awarded.  Now a team-based score rather than an individual stat.  Creatures non-humanoid characters (particularly without hands) increase stats quicker due to experience. 

- added extra rock terrain and added boulders to break up large spaces.

- squashed more bugs. (thanks Hugh).






New release!

There is a new release of Dungeon Bash!  Click to read what has been added.

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Dungeon Bash is now available as a free download for alpha testers.  


Download it now for your device by joining either of the IOS or Android testing programs - try it out & have your say as the development continues.


Android users must join the ARMPIT GAMES Google Community as part of the test program, as thats how google knows who to admit.  


But IOS users, please also join the community to ask questions, provide feedback and offer suggestions.

Can you imagine leading an acid blob, an elf and a minotaur into combat?  Or perhaps a pit-viper, a zombie and a slime demon?  


Dungeon Bash puts the player in control of a team of three adventurers, randomly selected from a list of over thirty radically different creatures, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

You must take this team ever deeper into a randomly generated dungeon, battling hordes of monsters, in order to destroy an evil arch-wizard. 


There are over eighty different types of foe -- your challenge is to learn how to defeat each type with the particular abilities and equipment that your current team possesses.  

But don't worry, with each victory your team becomes stronger and more skilled.  And monsters may have equipment and magical items that your adventurers can use.  


In all, there are over one hundred and twenty different abilities and items in Dungeon Bash for you to discover and employ.  No two games will ever play the same.

The unique gesture-based user interface allows you to intuitively control your adventurers and use their abilities with just a flick or two of your finger. 


There is no hidden functionality or complex sub-menus to navigate.  Everything you need is right there.

 Dungeon Bash is a turn-based game of discovery and tactical combat that will have you sweating on every move.

Behind the simple interface is a wealth of subtle strategy that will take hundreds of hours to learn and master.

DB is a roguelike with a pure squad-based tactical focus. The player takes control of three weird and wonderful creatures and has to learn to use them effectively. 

The emphasis is on devising a strategy based on the most effective way to use each of your team members, given their skills, abilities and equipment, in each new tactical situation they find themselves in.


one random team example...

Lets say your team was an Elf, a Zombie and an Acid blob - how would you use them?  

An Elf is pretty fragile, but fast and hard to hit.  Good Attack skill means he is handy with ranged weapons and hits often in melee.  He has a head, hands and a humanoid body which means he can use any item or armor found in the dungeon.  Different weapons means he can deal out different types of damage, etc...  highly adaptable.

A Zombie is pretty tough, but slow and can't hit well.  But like an Elf, can use anything found in the dungeon, which gives scope to improve areas it is deficient in, or make its strengths (general toughness) even stronger.

An Acid Blob is even more tough than a zombie, being highly resistant to chemical attacks, as well as being fairly resistant to hard and sharp attacks.  It is still susceptible to energy attacks, however.  Unlike a zombie, it packs a good wallop in the form of a strong chemical attack. The thing is, this unusual creature doesn't have a head, hands or humanoid body so it can't use any items at all!  As it gains in experience, like any creature, it will get proportionately stronger and more skilled, but its fundamental nature won't change.

How would you use these creatures to make an effective team?  

Things to consider:

  • You can position your party members to tank or flank. 
                             The Elf is 'tanking' for the wolf by holding that position.
The Elf is 'tanking' for the wolf by holding that position.
  •  Marching order in corridors and when descending levels can be important because creatures can't move through other creatures, nor can one descend until the previous one is out of the way.
  •  At each stage, you will be distributing your limited equipment between your team members to make them more effective for the roles you see them playing 
  • Do you go for your specializing each character for a particular role, or do you make them more adaptable? There are so many type of enemy, with so many different strengths and weaknesses - there is no one 'one size fits all' solution.

The big bad guy is really bad.  By the time you get to him, you better have your team honed to a razor sharp edge.